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Terrier is a professional DeFi toolset infused with AI and machine learning capabilities to offer you proven, data-based ALPHA.

Over 500k analyzed contracts through multiple chains

Starting off as an analytics & security project in October 2023, our goal was to build tools that could give an edge to our users and help their crypto journey with swift and accurate research utilities. Terrier now spans multiple chains providing dozens of functions to assist with your daily DYOR routine. Crypto trading is an exceptionally competitive market, there's a thin line between being a profitable trader and an unsuccessful one.

Terrier is the go-to toolset that will make you a winner.

The power of artificial intelligence and machine learning

AI-Assisted Innovative Data Monitoring
ML Pattern Recognition for Improved Accuracy


Waste no time! Use your favorite, already integrated sniping tools to buy high-potential tokens.

Enhanced Security

Terrier provides proven security data of smart contracts not only based on technical details, but historical data, dev actions and social metrics as well.

Your trusted companion

Terrier provides lightning-fast yet in-depth smart contract analysis based on numerous metrics. Streamline your DYOR process and increase your profits!

Utilities you’re going to love

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Contract Scanners

Terrier provides free-to-use and blazing-fast Ethereum, Solana, and BASE contract scanners, including security, owner wallet analysis, and social scraping. You can find great alpha like our Safety Index and even the most successful previous tokens of the deployer.

Terrier Assistant Bot

The Assistant Bot is one of our most loved tools. You can simply copy-paste Ethereum or Solana smart contracts for in-depth token metrics (such as tokenomics, sniper analysis, holders PNL, etc.) and social research to figure out exciting details such as KOLs supporting a project, whether a Twitter was reused, and much more!

Smart Money

Since October 2023, we've collected and fed data for our in-house Machine Learning system and combined all our features into a secret AI model called Smart Money. This tool gives quality signals when we spot a promising launch or interesting wallets accumulating a token, providing you with real-time alpha, prioritizing quality over quantity.

Alpha Deployer

Our Alpha Deployer keeps track of deployers of the most successful tokens in the past couple of years - tokens with proven track records and successful past. The tool alerts you in case it spots new activity up to 3 jumps away from such a wallet, warning before the trading opens, maximizing your early entry potential.


Our Awoken bot provides updates when a previously inactive dev becomes active again - "wakes up." It is a great way to effortlessly find alpha, such as aged contracts and delayed launches.


The Unlaunched bot compiles all fresh contract deployments, excluding those already launched. This tool can be valuable in assisting traders and snipers to find good opportunities before a token starts trading.

Highly Customizable Filters

Streamline your research, and find the real winners

There are thousands of new token launches each day. We know it takes work to find the few high-potential ones. Our Filter Bot is here to get rid of the junk so you can be among the first ones to know about the next big thing.

Save time!

Get notified only on deployments that could interest you - filter out the mess! Our bot will also send you live updates for the filtered result, making it easier to find mooners!

Multi-chain solution

Set up your filters for Ethereum and Solana tokens (more chains are coming soon), and get notified only when there is a match!

Up to 20 filters per user

Degen filters? Safe filters? Why not both? It is all up to your taste, as our Filter bot allows you to set up to 20 filters.

Smarter, Faster, BETTER